Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the VectorBot and its cogs and utils.


General questions!

MultiGuild Splash Support

This is will not be programmed in because of many things.

I will name some:

  • High Storage
    • A user will have a banner per guild
  • High CPU/Memory Usage
    • Each time a user is updated he will get a new splash

I have more, I won’t and will not script MultiGuild Splash Support. If you want me to do it as an example then I will. Even then it will not be enabled even in dev mode!


Questions regarding database logging will answerd here!

Ask a question!

I have no questions right now.

Parser Util

Questions regarding cogs.utils.parser.Parser

Why does some of the Guild[Members/Roles/GuildChannels] have blank perms or confs

That is to do with config and permission handleing for each guild separately.